PlanArchitectural Video Rendering

What we offer

Videos for the architectural projects presentation,
real estate sale and not only

Video presentation

Helps to convey visual part of the future real estate, to reveal the idea, to show the meaning in a simple, understandable to anyone form.


You pay a little more than for a standard visualization and get a static images + video. The scheme of cost calculation can be found below.

Please note


Videos can be used on television or billboards advertisements.


Arrange presentation for your potential or direct customers.


We do not voice the video. At the exit you get a result, as in the example.

The cost of any video is calculated as follows:
Price = visualization price + cost of 1 min. video .

Cost for 1 min. video

# Sort of project Cost per 1 minute Minimum order
1 Small projects 1000$  1 minute
Middle projects 1500$  1 minute
Big projects 3000$  1 minute
Building land with a large number of buildings 6000$ 1 minute