• Exterior visualization

    Clear images, beautiful views, pleasant impression.
  • Interior visualization

    Availability of the necessary details, excellent materials, soft light.
  • Interior design

    Styles to choose: modern, classic, Art Deco, French Country.
  • Single-family home

    Stylish, beautiful, comfortable.
  • Facades development

    Presentable image of a completed house.
  • Concepts development

    From single-family homes to skyscrapers on the alluvial islands.
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What you get contacting us


You will take part in the project development and control the process personally. You will see your future property before commencement of construction.

Optimal result

We value each client and aspire to achieve the best combination of your wishes and capabilities.

Quality assurance

Years of practical experience and our commitment allow us to create designs that elate us and gratify our clients.

Uniqueness of the property

You will get the property matching your personal wishes, tastes and needs.


A competently created design saves your time and money by escaping any redesigns or mistakes during construction.


You will get answers to your burning questions and professional support up to commissioning of your facility.

Our Projects

Selection of studio projects, visualization and design.

The documentation set with a full set of drawings and visualization of your building, that is required for obtaining construction permits and for quality workmanship of construction workers. You will see your future house before commencement of construction.


Customized development of interior design according to your tastes and preferences. There are no templates, every design is unique.


The photorealistic image of your property, created on the basis of drawings and photo samples. It is is computer graphics presenting the architectural project plainly and in a favorable light.

Architectural designs help to create a building exterior.
Interior design helps to make the interior comfortable.
Visualization helps to see photos of the project at design stage.
  • "Nice to work with you!
    On the same wavelength!"

    I didn't even expected the project thatunderwent project appraisal and for which project documentation was ready could be notedly improved.

    image Alex Uvarov, Moscow, Russia.
    Head of the business management unit, CJSC "Morinvest."
  • "An excellent work at Odessa apartment design"

    The contractor put the heart into this project. The performance was excellent!

    image Larissa German, Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine.

    The head of the design studio Lara German Interior Design.

  • "I ordered high-quality visualization."

    As a result we have a great project, which has received many awards at competitions in Russia as well as abroad.

    image Irina Fefelova, The head and the owner of the design studio.
    The studio has three branches located in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Sochi.
  • "I like outcome! Everything was done as it was planned!"

    The task was to make great progress within a short time. The client was satisfied.
    He even doubted whether it could be so beautiful in reality.

    image Svetlana Perova, St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Head of the Design Department , Coffee CSC Ltd.

  • "Quality images promote sales"

    Had I built a house for myself, I would have definitely paid more money for a good project to get exactly what I want.

    image Vasilii Kovalchuk, Rivne, Ukraine.

    Project Manager at www.shaslyve.com.ua. In the property development since 2009

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