Part 1. If any of the steps listed below you don't need (they will not be present in the List of your jobs), you can skip them. The rest is necessarily to the reading.

1. Payment
The Bill

1.1. The bill shows your Plan, List of jobs, Cost of the project, Cost of the project in parts, link to the Conditions, Terms, and link to the Payment #1.
1.2. Paying the bill you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms of Service.
1.3. User receive the bill by mail, by which he is registered on the Service website.
1.4. The price in the bill is not changed, if User does not order additional related services, does not change the amount of work.

Payment process

1.5. Service work is carried out on a prepaid basis. Excluded beginning of any work before the payment.
1.6. Payment is considered as received by Service, if it is not less than price indicated in the bill.
1.7. For the User convenience, project price payment is divided into several parts. Exception are the projects, total price of which does not exceed 100$, or project deadlines do not exceed 3 days. Such projects are paid in one payment before work begins.
1.8. The sum of project parts price depends on the volume of forthcoming works and is determined by the Service.
1.9. If work is on, and the User does not manage to make an advance payment for the next steps, works automatically stop till payment of the required sum will be done.
1.10. The cost of steps, edits, and other components of the project depends on the plan chosen by User and can not be changed, except when moving to other plan with the beginning of the next project.
1.11. If User have rest of money on his balance after project closed, Service will publish it in the project section. User can take rest during 7 working days after project where closed, otherwise it left till the next project.

Payment methods

1.12. It is assumed that the payment is made by User through Primary Payment Method, which Service recommends. It is a LiqPay.
1.13. By using the Primary Payment Method such advantages are available to the User - payments and remainders refund without commission, lack of waiting while funds credited to account before start of work are available to the User.
1.14. If User, for whatever reasons, is not satisfied with the primary payment method, service will offer Additional Payment Methods.
1.15. Service warns, additional fees may be charged when using an Additional Payment Methods. Service has no influence on it.

2. Technical assignment for the project

2.1. Technical assignment - is a collection of all the necessary basic data for the work on the project.
2.2. Preparation of technical specifications comes before work on the template, provided by the Service. Without composed TA Service does not start to work.
2.3. Technical assignment shall be provided to the fullest extent possible, in addition to providing all the necessary drawings, references of styles and desired design techniques, pictures of selected objects for the project (materials, furniture, details, etc.), attach the source code for the desired color, texture and other necessary materials for project realisation,that user wants to see in the project. In advance, before work starts, User should formulate his/her wishes regarding the all aspects of the project. The whole list of required TA components is present in the template.
2.4. During work on the project is possible to User add TA, in case when it do not contradict previously stated ideas and performed works.

3. White model of the project/model

3.1. White model/model - is a 3D model of the Property, reflecting its shape. It needs for quick  geometry confirmation of project by User without distraction on the materials of objects and their relief, color, glossiness, etc.
3.2. Result may be issued in the form of the Property model image (model), or Property model image colored in white color (white model). 
3.3. Service determines at its own discretion in what form to give the result out.
3.4. By making edits in one correction its allowed to change not more than 30% of the work done in this step.


4. Visualization

4.1. Exterior & interior visualization - a step, during which is made the selection of project materials (the color, texture, relief, gloss, etc.), is installed lights, is continued searching good angles and performed image rendering.
4.2. At intermediate steps User receives an image without postproduction.

Postproduction is performed on the final step (are pulled up brightness/contrast, color range, mood is given for image).
4.3. At the final of visualisation User receives a photorealistic 3D image of the Property.
4.4. By making corrections in one change is allowed to change mot more than 30% of the work done by this step. Changes are allowed to make in geometry of the project, and in its materials/light too.


5. Video

5.1. Video - is a photorealistic video of the Property, which shows the object in 3D graphics. The video is designed for better transmission of information about the project, than it can do with the image visualization.
5.2. Video is created in several steps, one of which is a video clip with rough render of the model. It is necessary to assess camera angles, scene content, montage and background music. User receives a video of project model without applied materials. At step of clean render User receives a final video with the ability to make small edits (no edits of camera angle, lights, and all that belongs to 3D scene). At step of clean render is allowed to do small correction of montage (parts of finished video fragments) and background music.
5.3. By making edits in one correction is allowed to change up to 30% of the work done by this step.


Part 2. For reading to all Users.


6. Image size

6.1. All images on the white model/model, visualization steps are made in 1200 pix.
6.2. Images on the final step are made in high resolution - from 2000 pix (enough for printing images on A4 format), depending on customers plan and wishes.
6.3. Project layout and drawings made in size of no less than 150 dpi.
6.4. Video size depends on the video format, necessary to clarify this before first payment on project.
6.5. If User wants to change the size of images, he(she) must notify Service before first payment on project.


7. Corrections

7.1. All corrections needs to be made in graphic form based on the template Service provide.
7.2. Make the maximum possible number of corrections needed for your project in a single correction. Number of corrections included in your Plan for each stage is limited. Additional corrections must be ordered and paid separately.
7.3. Corrections may be made only in those types of work that are being made at the present step. Make changes in work of previous steps in most cases is impossible.
7.4. In generall, the more User makes corrections, the better look have the project. But corrections increase project time and cost. All designed Plans based on optimal number of corrections for certain tasks and types of work, so the optimal number of corrections you can see in the Plans. If you will follow our instructions and know what you want, you can keep within the number of edits and get a decent result.
7.5. Ordering additional corrections they are paid by the price fixed in your Plan.
7.6. All steps are created on the basis of previous steps, and should complement them. Prohibited fundamental changes in projects (change of stylistic direction, theme of project, etc.). In this case project stops, mutual settlements of performed work are made, and new project opens.
7.7. If User has doubts about the decision, does not know how to do better, considering 2 or 3 variants of development of the project, it is necessary to choose one direction and move on it. The development of additional variants is made as a complement to the project for an additional charge if the Plan does not provide otherwise.


8. Lack of information

8.1. Service does not guarantee proper implementation of those parts of the project, information on which is absent in TA or corrections. Servise warns that it leads to number of corrections increasing, that leads to increasing terms and cost.
8.2. Service does not know what User forgot to provide. Please, check corrections and TA for the correctness of information issued by you as well as for the presence of all the necessary info. But if Service sees that in TA or in corrections something is missing, it shall inform the User.
8.3. User can allow Service by himself, to its taste, complement project or solve a specific task, presence of which arises from the lack of necessary materials in TA or corrections. User accepts the agreement that any decision issued by the Service or addition in this case equivalent to his(her) own, and not subjected to any additional corrections.


9. Terms

9.1. Terms, which are necessary for Service to perform the work are indicated in the bill. 
9.2. Terms specified in the bill take into account only the net time required to perform work without any time spent by User. All the time User takes to draft TA, make corrections, approve results, communicate with DM, as well as the time spent on additional corrections that are not included in the Plan selected by User, the time it takes the User to collect additional info not included in the terms indicated in the bill.
9.3. Service should take the project on the day of its comming, if before the end of the working day not less than 4 hours left, project TA/corrections are ready, and there are free professionals in the studio.
9.4. Service can start working on another project, if the work on the current one was interrupted and the User did not warn when materials for continuation will be ready.