Terms and abbreviations used in the Conditions

The Service, We, IVA - IVA studio.
The User, You- private or legal entity who uses The Service.
Agreement, Conditions - The Service's work agreement.
The Parties - Parties who accept this agreement (The User and The Service).
Property - subject of the Service's work (the interior, the building etc.).
DM - decision maker (a person from The User Party who is responsible for the final decision on the project).
TA - Technical assignment for the project.
Reference - a selection of photo examples to give an idea of the shape, the material, the illumination of the object.
White model - an image of the 3d model colored in white (containing no information on materials).
Model - an image of the 3d model colored in its own color/texture.
Visualization - a color image of the object (containing information on materials and lighting).
The main payment method - a payment method recommended by The Service.


1. General Conditions

1.1. «IVA Studio» (hereinafter - IVA) offers for professional architects and designers, as well as for individuals and companies (hereinafter - The Users) to use the services for visualization of interiors and exteriors, interior design and architectural design under the conditions designated in this terms of use (hereinafter - Conditions)
1.2. Conditions come into force from the moment when The User agree to them by the means of first prepaid for the project.
1.3. The initial task of the Service is to ensure the User of getting the highest quality work with minimal effort. Thus the User must follow the rules, the sequence of works, and other Service's instructions exactly in the order and the content that is specified. Any deviation from the Service's rules leads to increase the amount of work, changes deadline, increase the budget and does not guarantee previously specified result.
1.4. Terms and conditions of services consists of "The invoice", "General Conditions", "List of works", "Detailed description of the steps and jobs, and the rules to work with them" and "Technical assignment"
1.5. Conditions can be changed by The Service without previous notice. The new version of the Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the date of its posting on the Internet for all projects not yet initiated. Ongoing projects work by edition that was accepted at the time of the User's consent to the Conditions.
1.6. Starting to use either a service/its individual functions or by following the registration process, the User is considered as accepted the conditions in full, without any reservations and exceptions. If the User disagree with any of the terms of the conditions therefore the User has no right to use IVA services.


2. For whom are the Services intended


2.1. Visualizing Service is intended for a profile professionals, namely architects and designers.
2.2. It is implied that people working with The Service are able to make drawings using software for designing (autocad, archicad), are able to work in photoshop as well as to understand the difference and formats destination (pdf, dwg, 3ds, jpg, tiff, pla/pln).
2.3. It is implied that The User understands the process of creating a building project or interior design as well as the content and the scope of the working documentation.

Interior Design, Architectural Design
2.4. These services are intended for all Users with no restrictions even without specific skills in the field of architecture and construction.


3. Other conditions

3.1. Changes and additions to this Agreement shall enter into force after their description in The Service's invoice and User's prepayment.
3.2. If case of additional User's requirements agreed by the means of consultations, or by drafting an additional agreements, the scope of work as well as the timing and cost of works under present Conditions may be additionally changed.
3.3. In all cases of early termination The Parties are obliged to make final settlements for actual works at the time of cooperation termination.
3.4. The Service has the right to use a photo of the object or other working materials received from The User or produced for the User both in The Service's Portfolio or promotional materials.
3.5. The Service keeps all information confident on the User's DM, the exact object address etc., if it is asked by user.
3.6. Without agreement with the User The Service has the right to involve third parties for the performance of works provided by present Conditions. Under the present conditions in this case The Service undertakes the responsibility for the quality and the timeliness of works performed by involved third parties as for it's own.
3.7. The User understands and agrees that the work is performed between The User and The Service and not between the DM and The Service. All necessary agreements between the User and the DM The User shall organizes at its own discretion under the Terms.
3.8. User has no right to use any of the Services results until they are fully paid on account.
3.9. The Parties have agreed that all information transmitted in the correspondence is authentic and equivalent to the transmitted physical documents.


4. Force majeure

4.1. The Parties are relieved from responsibility for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under The Terms of the Agreement if they prove that the failure was caused by force majeure circumstances, namely: fire, flood, earthquake, war, changes in legislation or other independent from The Parties imminent circumstances, on condition that these circumstances directly affect the fulfillment of the Terms of the Agreement. In this case the term of performance of contract obligations will be extended for the duration of these imminent circumstances.
4.2. The Party that fails to fulfill its obligations shall immediately inform the other Party on the beginning and termination of the circumstances mentioned above but in any case not later than 3 working days after the beginning or the end of their actions. Late notification of force majeure circumstances deprives the corresponding Party from the exemption from the contract obligations because of these circumstances. The Notice of the beginning and termination of force majeure circumstances must be documented by the competent state authorities.
4.3. If these circumstances last more than 1 month, each Party has the right to early release from the undertaken obligations.