The teamof experienced architectural visualizers


Igor Voloshchuk photo: architectural visualizer, architect, architectural and interior designer

Igor Voloshchuk

Founder. Chief executive.

Controls the quality and the deadlines. Always supports both parties of the process. His primary duty is to cultivate strong aspects of the company.

Architectural visualizer, architect.

Dima Shevchuk photo: architectural visualizer, architect, architectural designer

Dima Shevchuk

Chief assistant to CEO.

Deeply involved into all work processes. Main goal is to combine a strict technical task and timing details with maximizing an ability to create beautiful effect in the end.

Architectural and interior visualizer, architect.

Ilya Dubina photo: architectural visualizer, architect

Ilya Dubina

Senior assistant.

Deeply involved into the whole process working. Can be called “Jack of all trades”, but it depends on the type of a project. The main responsibility lies in architecture and design.

Interior visualizer, architect.

Roman Mozol photo: architectural visualizer Specialization:
architectural and interior 3d artist

Roman Mozol

visualiser, architect
Oleg Plysiuk photo: architectural visualizer, architect Specialization:
architectural 3d artist

Oleg Plysiuk

visualiser, architect
image Specialization:
project manager

Irina Silovej

manager, architect

We create really beautiful things worth to be seen.

Our company develop architectural projects in Ukraine and we can assure you that we know what real drawing, the process and the interior visualization is about. We do provide visualization services and architectural design for other countries.

We create beauty. Creative work amounts to only 50% in design and architecture. As for the rest there are some limits and bounds, such as budgets, personal preferences, time allotted to the project, and other limitations. In some projects we succeed to reach for more, and in other ones — for less. Nevertheless, we always try to find such solutions that will beautify your property and will show it in a more favorable light. And the type of the project we're working on doesn't matter.