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Хуссейн Хафез, г. Дубай, ОАЭ.
Ведущий архитектор, дизайнер.
Опыт работы - 6 лет.



Tell me please a few words about your job. What is it about, what is your core activity?
As interior designer I do many types of projects running from residential, commercial to offices and leisure projects. my design process start from concept and mood board to the detailed drawing of ceiling, flooring, electrical and furniture layouts.

Why did you work with us, how did you get to know about us?
Nowadays the design concept and drawings needs to be generated to 3D renders to simplify the ideas from papers to photos to get the full picture of any project to the client, and to sell any design we need a great render here comes the collaboration between us as interior designers and 3D visualizers . I got the contact of IVA architects through colleague worked with them previously and he commanded them. 

Did you like final result?
Yes I liked the final result.

Tell us please, what project it was? I know that it was some very special client and deadlines and you was working to get big order.
I did a entertainment lounge for a VIP client in Sharjah, UAE. And it was a tender to show our work quality in one week timeline.

What do you appreciate in designer-visualizator cooperation?
I appreciate the professionalism in time and quality of visuals and flexibility of the instant modifications.

Can you work without visualizator?
It's very hard to work without 3D visualizer but still a lot of interior designers do the 3D visualization by themselves (including myself) the speed would be better but quality depends on the experience and follow the latest tips and new trends of rendering. 

Did you do some hand-made sketches to agree idea with client? And what about final result?
I do sometimes a hand sketches but only to clarify a small detail or explain an idea... but to get final approval of any project we still need either very good colored and clear sketch or good 3D render generated by 3D visualization.

Can you advise us to your colleges?
I would like to recommend www.a-r-c-h.net to any interior or exterior visualization and looking to their wide experience and excellent result you could not be unsatisfied.

Best regards, Hussein Alhafez, 
Lead designer-architect.